Monday, 17 August 2015

Pretty Little Liars Rant

Hi everyone who is reading this, I hope you're all well and starting to feel a bit better about PLL (that is if you didn’t like it like me). I thought I would do a review of the pretty little liars mid season finale as there has been a lot of controversy about it. (Also don't take everything I say to heart, this is just my opinion on the show, no hate towards Marlene or anyone)
So as I live in the UK I had to stay up until 1am if I wanted to watch it live, which I did, but now I really wish I hadn't bothered. It was a good episode but I was expecting something more for the big reveal.
First off, the Cece reveal wasn’t shocking in the slightest, I feel like the Mona, Ezra and Toby reveals were so much better, I just don’t know why this one was so disappointing. Her story was sad and everything but I was expecting something so much darker and so may more twists.  Sasha said in an interview it was disturbing how she got all this money but nope.
Secondly, Sara bloody Harvery as Red Coat AND black veil???? That was so annoying since we first saw them in season 2 and didn’t even know about Sara until season 4. I personally wish it was Mellissa or Jenna, otherwise they're just pointless.  
There are so many unanswered questions still which Marlene King is just brushing off. This is nothing personal and I really appreciate the effort everyone went through to make this happen but there's just some things that don't add up.  
Finally the other thing that’s bothering me is the fact there are so many useless characters like Jenna, Lucas, Wren. WREN. How was Wren not a part of this somehow??? The thing that has bothered me is the fact the liars have been the main characters but somehow they aren't even really linked to that night? What happened about the girl dancing and Spencer having blood all over her?  
To finish off, I am kind of sad if i'm honest, just about the fact so many people wrote these amazing detailed theories so it kind of brought my hopes up but I will be watching 6B as I need to know how it finishes. I could have said a lot more but if you made it to this point, you're probably bored of reading this now but if you do want me to do a part 2 please leave a comment! 

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